Finding Your Feet

EP #111 - How To Live A Life Of Greatness With Sarah Grynberg

January 05, 2022 Grace & Abby Episode 111
Finding Your Feet
EP #111 - How To Live A Life Of Greatness With Sarah Grynberg
Show Notes

In this episode we are joined by podcast host & producer Sarah Grynberg, to discuss her incredibly inspiring journey of co-creating her dream life with the divine and how spirituality played an important role in the development of her successful career.  Sarah began as a radio presenter on a popular breakfast show before stepping into her authentic truth to create one of the most successful podcasts in Australia, A Life Of Greatness. Where she interviews some of the most renowned guests in the wellness world to help her listeners awaken to their best selves.

During this conversation, Sarah enlightens us to the power of prayer and the importance of holding faith that the universe is always working alongside you in your own life. We also discuss how spirituality evolved within Sarah's life as she developed an awareness for the mind-body connection and an insight into some of the most beautiful and mystical spiritual experiences that occurred in Sarahs life so far.

We  discuss the infamous book, A course in Miracles and how tuning into your heart energy, believing in the law of cause and effect and taking guidance from those who have achieved what you aim to achieve can truly change your life and lead you to ultimate greatness.

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A Life Of Greatness Podcast

People & books mentioned in the episode:
Gary Zukav
Caroline Myss
A Course in Miracles
A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson

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