Finding Your Feet

EP #103 - Is ‘Ick Culture’ In Modern Dating Toxic?

November 10, 2021 Grace & Abby Episode 103
Finding Your Feet
EP #103 - Is ‘Ick Culture’ In Modern Dating Toxic?
Show Notes

Join Grace and Abby in this episode as they give a Finding Your Feet take on 'ick culture' in todays modern dating world . They cover what exactly an 'ick' is, their own thoughts on them; including the humour behind them and how they could potentially be standing in your way in the pursuit of finding an authentic, aligned romantic partner.

They dive deeper into what could potentially cause someone to get the 'ick' and how people may actually be using them as a form of self sabotage to avoid intimacy and deep connection in relationships. They also discuss the all important, attachment theory, and how this may play a role in your dating life and using 'icks' as an excuse to abruptly end a connection with someone.

If you want to unwind and listen to a chatty, fun episode with some very important dating and self worth advice, then have a listen!

Books mentioned:
Attached by Adam Levine and Rachel S.F. Heller

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