Finding Your Feet

EP #101 - Become 10 Times Happier With Psychotherapist Owen O'Kane

October 27, 2021 Grace & Abby Episode 101
Finding Your Feet
EP #101 - Become 10 Times Happier With Psychotherapist Owen O'Kane
Show Notes

In this episode we are joined by psychotherapist and best selling author, Owen O'Kane to discuss everything that is standing in your way from feeling happiness and inner peace.

Owen has over 25 years of experience and spent a lot of his career working with patients in end of life care who were facing imminent death. From his breadth of experience he has a very well rounded view on mental health and a lot of valuable advice on how to best manage your own mental health, as you navigate through the ups and downs of life.

We discuss the biggest barriers he see's in patients when it comes to happiness, why practising self compassion and changing how you relate to your negative emotions is the key to overcoming poor mental health, his biggest learnings from treating patients who were dying and the perspective shift that experience gave him to make sure we live life fully. As well as some very practical advice on managing anxiety & panic attacks, and how we should be viewing our mental health post pandemic.

This episode is insightful, entertaining and full of comfort as Owen reminds you its totally ok to experience to periods of poor mental health during tough times, it's part of your humanity. But there is always brighter days ahead and simple ways to get there, step by step, day by day.

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