Finding Your Feet

EP #98 - Stop Doubting Yourself - How To Build Self Confidence

October 06, 2021 Grace & Abby Episode 98
Finding Your Feet
EP #98 - Stop Doubting Yourself - How To Build Self Confidence
Show Notes

Join Grace & Abby in this episode as they share how to build true confidence from within. It can be difficult to feel confident in our modern world where we are bombarded with other peoples achievements on social media, perceptions of the ideal body image & beauty standards and societies assumption that being a confident person means to be the loudest most extroverted person in the room.

During this conversation Grace & Abby redefine what confidence truly means, how it is more about following your truth and being comfortable with who you are. They offer a fresh perspective on how to view your body, one that will move you from a place of self hatred to self respect and unconditional love for your beautiful unique body. While also educating you with practical, actionable tips to start practicing in your life to build true confidence in you abilities so you can override that negative self loathing voice in your head.
Being confident and having your back is an essential element to navigating the world we find ourselves in. We have to fight against so many obstacles and pessimistic narratives to create our dream life, having courage and confidence is what drives us to our dreams.

Quote of the week
'You know who is gonna give you everything? Yourself. So having confidence in who you are and backing yourself is ESSENTIAL.'

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