Finding Your Feet

EP #93 - Molly Mae's New Role, Career Goals & Thinking Outside The Box

September 01, 2021 Grace & Abby Episode 93
Finding Your Feet
EP #93 - Molly Mae's New Role, Career Goals & Thinking Outside The Box
Show Notes

Join Grace and Abby in this episode as they discuss their views on the recent announcement of Molly Mae becoming the creative director of fast fashion retailer, Pretty Little Thing.

They discuss how we can take inspiration from young women such as Molly Mae who have achieved success the non conventional way and gone against the rule book, regardless of what people may think.

This announcement reflects the new world of career opportunity we are in and is reminder of the kind of moves retail businesses will make as we adapt to a new world within fashion too. They also discuss how you can use your envy and jealousy to increase your chances of success, not lower your vibration.

When it comes to careers, we are very quick to put people in boxes and pigeon hole others down certain paths, it takes bravery to break out of these invisible barriers and back yourself. Have a listen to this episode to put a positive spin on this announcement and take every bit of inspiration that you can.

 Affirmation of the week
"Success comes to me effortlessly, my opportunities are endless."
"I lean into the highest vision for my life and know that it is possible."

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