Finding Your Feet

EP #88 - Empower Your Voice & Love Your Pussy With Grace Hazel

July 14, 2021 Grace & Abby Episode 88
Finding Your Feet
EP #88 - Empower Your Voice & Love Your Pussy With Grace Hazel
Show Notes

Join us in this incredible new episode with Grace Hazel, a women's healing and sexuality mentor on a mission to help women reclaim their pussy power.  Grace's field of work is very niche and life changing, her healing approach is a journey back into the deep intimate layers of the feminine, which leaves women feeling reborn and reignited.

In this interview we discuss many amazing topics such as, how Grace recovered from a painful chronic condition, Vulvodynia by connecting mind, body and spirit and looking within to heal. We also discussed the deep connection between sexual liberation and money consciousness, how healing your shame around sensuality can heal your throat chakra and how to communicate with your body like never before.

Grace also shared her thoughts on vibrators, masturbation and crystal wands in relation to owning your pleasure and as potential healing modalities.

This interview is perfect for any women looking to heal vagina pain in a more holistic approach, own their pleasure and build a relationship with their yoni.

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