Finding Your Feet

EP #87 - It's Gonna Be Ok, We Promise

July 07, 2021 Grace & Abby Episode 87
Finding Your Feet
EP #87 - It's Gonna Be Ok, We Promise
Show Notes

This is the episode you can come to when everything feels like its going wrong, when your mental strength to push through and know you can get to the other side is low. The comfort blanket you need in those difficult moments to remind you of your own strength, soothe you and make you gather the energy to keep going.

People can get a lot from a podcast episode, so we thought why not make an episode specifically for our listeners to come back to again and again when they feel like life isn't ok. We pull on our own tools and the mindsets we embody when we go through pain in our own lives, sharing beliefs and moments of faith that have got us through to the other side, again and again.

You grow through adversity, you grow through tough, uncomfortable times. You wouldn't have been served it if you couldn't handle it, don't forget the strength you already have within you and the light and lessons available to you even in the most painful of moments.

Quote of the week
'I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you never would have moved.' - The Universe

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