Finding Your Feet

EP #86 - Create Pure Ecstasy Through Breathwork

July 04, 2021 Episode 86
Finding Your Feet
EP #86 - Create Pure Ecstasy Through Breathwork
Show Notes
Join Abby in this solo episode as she talks all about the power of breathwork and the ability  we all have to transform our lives from within.

Breathwork has been one of the many somatic healing modalities Grace and Abby have both dived into recently. Which has caused huge shifts and manifested powerful results in their lives. This is why they are so passionate about sharing their own breathwork journey with you guys, so you can experience the same life changing results! 

In this episode Abby dives into what happens to the body during breathwork, the shifts it has caused in her her life, the deepened connection she has created with her body and of course the breathwork specialists she recommends you try.

Breathe with James
Dr Joe Dispenza
Jay Shetty's Podcast with Dr Joe Dispenza

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