Finding Your Feet

EP #80 - Beat Procrastination & Master Your Habits

June 13, 2021 Episode 80
Finding Your Feet
EP #80 - Beat Procrastination & Master Your Habits
Show Notes

Join Abby in this episode as she discusses how to overcome procrastination, take control of your habits and invest your valuable time back into yourself. Procrastination and unhealthy habits are what can potentially sabotage your dreams, taking responsibility and taking your power back is one of the most valuable things you can do on your self development journey.

No one is going to help you build, maintain and track beneficial habits except yourself. There are plenty of tips within this episode to have you up levelling your habits game and focusing on the most important thing,  self-discipline.

This episode is for someone that wants to have a boost of inspiration and learn more into their masculine energy for productivity.

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