Finding Your Feet

EP #77 - Why Happiness Is A Choice With Mo Gawdat

June 02, 2021 Grace & Abby Episode 77
Finding Your Feet
EP #77 - Why Happiness Is A Choice With Mo Gawdat
Show Notes

Join us on this incredible episode as we are joined by best selling author and serial entrepreneur Mo Gawdat. Mo has cofounded more than 20 businesses and is a former chief business officer for Google X. He wrote the best selling book, Solve For Happy: Engineer Your Path To Joy in which he breaks down an equation for happiness alongside some simple, life changing rules to live by.

We were so honoured to be joined by Mo in this interview as we dived into his equation for happiness, the various concepts he uses to protect his peace and how we are conscious beings in a physical world.

Mo explains his thoughts on spirituality being the science of the metaphysical and also talks very beautifully about his own experience of grieving the loss of his son, Ali, in which he shares his wisdom on the acceptance of death being the opposite of birth, not life.

This episode was such a beautiful conversation, we will cherish many of Mo's words and take the advice he gave us for life. We hope you enjoy this incredible conversation as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Quote of the week
"You never get tested unless you are close enough to pass the test" Mo Gawdat

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Mo Gawdat's Solve For Happy
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